Made in Tennessee – Coin Guitar Picks

If you play guitar, or any picked instrument, check out these handmade artisan coin guitar picks. They’re available as common coins, such as quarters and Sacagawea dollars, or antique coins, including buffalo nickels, wheat pennies and silver dollars. Dustin and Stephanie from Nashville cut and shape US coins into fully functional guitar picks. Check out their Etsy shop at

Allan Hall – Selah

In my continuing effort to introduce you to some of my friends, I wanted to take this time to introduce you to my cousin, Allan Hall.  He is best known as the tenor on the ivory keys from the critically-acclaimed, Dove Award-winning Curb vocal group Selah.  Over the past nine years, he has quietly etched his way into hearts of Christian music lovers.  In 2004, Allan released his solo CD entitled House of a Thousand Dreams.  This CD showcases Allan’s talents as a vocalist and musician, and is reminiscent of the music he grew up listening to.