Made in Tennessee – Coin Guitar Picks

If you play guitar, or any picked instrument, check out these handmade artisan coin guitar picks. They’re available as common coins, such as quarters and Sacagawea dollars, or antique coins, including buffalo nickels, wheat pennies and silver dollars. Dustin and Stephanie from Nashville cut and shape US coins into fully functional guitar picks. Check out their Etsy shop at

Made in Tennessee – Sideshow Sign Co.

If you are looking for unique, one-of-a-kind wall hangings, check out the Sideshow Sign Co. Made by hand in Nashville, TN, the Sideshow Sign Co. specializes in giant throwback vintage prints and light-up marquee letters influenced by the entertainment industry, science, and antiquarian educational material. Everything made is carefully aged and expertly wired, made from fine art canvas or salvage wood and bent steel, speed rusted and banged-up proper. In addition, 5% of proceeds are donated to the nonprofit organization, which provides legal representation to those that need it most.

Made in Tennessee – Sweetwater Valley Farm

Sweetwater Valley Farm is located between Philadelphia and Loudon in the heart of southeast Tennessee’s dairy-rich Sweetwater Valley. Sweetwater Valley Farm is one of the few farms in the country producing fine farmstead cheese. Meaning, they control the process from cow to consumer in order to create high quality cheddar cheese. They offer a vast selection of cheddars as well as more than a dozen specialty gourmet cheeses such as Buttermilk, Garden Blend, Jalapeno, Adobo, and Roasted Garlic Pepper.

Sweetwater Valley Farm offers walking tours to educate their visitors about the sequence of events that form the food production chain that they describe as “from cows to cheese”. Tours are offered year round, by appointment, as well as regular walking tours during the spring and summer months Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.. You can also visit The Udder Story exhibit. This houses a little bit of the past, answers the question of what dairy farming is today, and shares the technology of the future. Sweetwater Valley Farm is located at 17988 West Lee Hwy. in Philadelphia, TN and all of their cheeses are Made in Tennessee.