About This Blog

This blog is about the stuff I like, the people I know, the things I do, and the places I go. Really, it is just about…The Life of Brian.

Here a just a few of my personal links of interest.

Ronald McDonald House

Mission of Hope

Dave Ramsey

Gary Dagnan

American Eagle Foundation

Berry Springs Lodge

Downtown Knoxville

Knoxville Tourism

Knoxville Market Square


CityView Magazine

Coffee & Chocolate

Cafe 4

The French Market Crêperie

Art Market Gallery

7 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hello I am Rick Murphy and I am a member of some financial communities. I just visited your site (betterthanideserve.wordpress.com)and I am a frequent reader of your site. The articles of your blog is really worth reading. The quality of your content is excellent. After seeing this, I would like to request you something. I love to write financial articles and I would like to contribute something for your site if you’ll give me the permission. I can give you an original guest post and I assure you that it will be published only in your site. If you want, you can suggest me the topic also and I will write accordingly. Please let me know your thoughts. Waiting for your positive reply. Reach me at:rickmurphy000[at]gmail[dot]com

    Rick Murphy

    • Rick, I would be interested in seeing a sample of your work. I am a strong believer in Dave Ramsey’s principles. So, as long as there isn’t a conflict of interest I would consider using your posts.

      Thanks, Brian

  2. Brian,

    I was thrilled to come across your blog, as you’ve posted a photo of an old elevator (back in June 2011) that I thought were all but extinct. My great grandfather is William FauntLeRoy, founder of FauntLeRoy Elevator Company in Baltimore, and inventor of the modern push-button elevator (a patent which he later sold to Otis Elevator, but that’s a completely different, and very dramatic, story). I’m very interested to know in exactly which antique shop your photo was taken, so that I may contact them about preserving/rescuing the elevator.

    Thank you!

    Christina FauntLeRoy

  3. I salute you on the beautiful pictures you have taken. I am designing my website about dobermans (working style mainly). I want to know if I can use your photo of the doberman monument. My wife and I want to visit that monument, but haven’t got to yet.

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