Unique, One of a Kind Chess Sets

Well, I haven’t played chess since high school. However, I love unique, hand-crafted chess sets. The other day I came across a couple of unique sets made by Olde World Collectibles and Creations.

English Medieval Battle Chess Set
Red Oak is exclusively used on this set. It has brass handles, corner trim, tacks, hinges, and locks to decorate and protect the set. Detailed wood burning is used to decorate the box, as well as each playing piece. The pieces have miniature shields and weapons that are specific to their role. Each hand-crafted chess set is signed and dated and is truly one of a kind.

Bullet Chess Set – Caliber .223
This amazing and unique chess set is made using spent .223 bullet shell casings. One side  uses steel casings and the other side uses brass casings. The kings and queens are the only 4 pieces with an actual bullet re-set in place. Of course live shells are not used in the set. The brass side has black walnut wooden bases and the steel side has red oak wooden bases. The board is made from a solid piece of red oak and is decorated with 2 brass carrying handles.


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