– Social Networking for Nostalgic Seniors

There are dozens of social networking sites available today…MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, & Google+ just to name a few popular ones. While social media sites typically go after a younger generation, a new service out this week is decidedly going after the opposite demographic., a memory-sharing service targeting nostalgic seniors heading into their twilight years.

The private social network, named for French novelist Marcel Proust, is modeled after the “Proust Questionnaire,” and designed to help family members and close friends tell their life stories. Proust tries to solve the age-old issue of writing in the blank white box. That is, Proust helps facilitate content creation from its users by creating topic prompts based on the “Proust Questionnaire.” Rather than leave sharing in the hands of the person, Proust helps the process move along with questions. Fun questions like “If you could have any natural talent what would it be?”, probing questions like “What did you learn the hard way?”, and nostalgic questions like “Who was your first kiss and how did it happen?”. is a place for families and close friends to share the stuff that really matters; and is a private place to capture our life stories, thoughts, and aspirations to spark meaningful conversations about who we are.


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