Handcrafted Coin Rings

Stay-at-home dad and metal worker, Brent Emily, creates unique, handcrafted rings out of a variety of different coins. The rings are double sided and are custom made for each buyer. Each ring starts with a hand-selected circulated coin, then the flat coin is skillfully crafted into a beautiful ring, retaining the coin’s individual characteristics both inside and out, it is then sized and polished to a high gloss or given a patina to highlight the features of the coin. His rings made out of the U.S. states quarters series are especially cool (pictured above) and a great way to show off your state pride.

Brent has an Etsy store filled with lots of pre-made rings, but if you can’t find a ring you like, you can send him any coin from your collection and he’ll make a ring out of it for just $25. Maybe you have an old coin that belonged to grandad. It’s not worth much, and it’s just collecting dust. Send it to Brent so he can make a treasure that you can pass down from generation to generation.

Web sites: Custom Coin Rings, Etsy Store


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