Chocri – Customized Chocolate Bars

Chocri is the worlds first company that lets you create your own chocolate bar online by choosing from four bases (dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate or a combination thereof) and over 100 toppings, ranging from chili to candied rose petals and even real gold flakes. That allows for more than 27 billion combinations! Which one is yours?

Chocri is a German startup, founded in Berlin in 2008 by Franz Duge and Michael Bruck. The first customized chocolate bar by chocri was a last minute birthday gift for Franz’s girlfriend, and since then chocri has taken off. They now make many thousands of chocolate bars every month, and are experiencing strong growth. So strong that they decided to expand to the United States in January 2010 with

If you are not sure which chocolate bar to create, take a look at their Recommended Chocolate Bar Creations with some of the most popular chocolate bars that make great gifts. Buy chocolate that is unique, fun and delicious!


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