American Craftsman – Colonel Littleton

My wife just bought a leather-bound journal as a retirement gift for her boss from Colonel Littleton, a leather goods shop in historic Lynnville, TN. It is made with the softest leather I’ve ever felt and is an exceptional piece of American craftsmanship.

Colonel Littleton designs and makes leather goods of all sorts from all-American steer hide they get from a small tannery nearby. Gary Littleton started in 1987 selling antique cufflinks to specialty stores and soon moved into pocket knives. Over the years, the business has expanded into leather goods, home accessories, journals, wallets, briefcases, belts, Panama hats, pens, bracelets, and even iPhone & iPad cases. Colonel Littleton describes their upscale gift items as “fine accouterments in the American Tradition.” Of course, everything they sell has a story connected to it. They even ship a story card about the item and a miniature Moon Pie with each order.


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