Photo Friday – Wilder Brigade Monument

This imposing 85-foot monument sits in the Chickamauga Battlefield in Northern Georgia. It honors Col. John T. Wilder and his brigade of mounted infantry, who occupied this part of the battlefield when Confederate troops broke through the Union line on September 20. Armed with seven-shot Spencer repeating rifles, Wilder’s 2,000-man brigade poured a deadly fire into the Confederates, momentarily stopping Manigault’s Brigade before withdrawing from the battlefield. The monument stands on the site of 23-year-old widow Eliza Glenn’s house, which served as Rosecran’s headquarters on September 19 and in early morning on the 20th, when the house was destroyed.

This imposing monument was authorized in 1892 and completed in 1902, to honor Col. John T. Wilder and his troops. It is built of Chickamauga limestone and rises to a height of 85 feet. A spiral staircase inside the 16×16 foot base leads to a platform at the top where you can obtain an excellent view of the battlefield and surrounding area.

Photo Gallery: Wilder Brigade Monument


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