Photo Friday – Franklin Confederate Monument

The following description of the Confederate Monument appeared in the November 30, 1899, issue of The Williamson County News.

The monument consists of a heavy stone foundation, above which rises, in three steps, the granite platform. On the north-east face of the second step are sculptured, in relief, crossed rifles. Above, on the third step, are the words “Our Confederate Soldier” in bold lettering. Above the platform is a square die, with polished faces and inverted cannon at the angles. Above the die is an ornamental cap, its upper edge cut in the form of battlements and surmounted by a row of sculptured cannon balls. From this cap rises the tall shaft, on the north-east face of which is chiseled a beautiful Confederate banner. Above the shaft is the elaborate capital, carved and battlemented; and crowning all stands the marble figure of a Confederate Soldier at “parade rest.”

The four faces of the die bear the following inscriptions:

On the first, toward the north-east, in which direction the statue faces:
“Erected to Confederate Soldiers by Franklin Chapter No. 14, Daughters of the Confederacy Nov. 30, A. D. 1899”

On the reverse:
“In honor and memory of our heroes, both private and chief, of the Southern Confederacy. No country ever had truer sons, no cause nobler champions,
no people bolder defenders, than the brave soldiers to whose memory this stone is erected.”

On the south face, looking up Main street:
“We who saw them and knew them well are witnesses to the coming ages of their valor and fidelity; tried and true, glory-crowned. 1861 – 1865”

On the reverse of the Monument:
“Would not it be a shame for us
If their memory part from our land and hearts,
And a wrong them to and a shame to us.
The glories they won shall not wane for us.
In legend and lay, our Heroes in Grey
Shall ever live over again for us.”

The monument is thirty-seven feet, eight inches in height and is of Vermont granite, except the statue. This is six feet high and is of Carrara marble. It represents a Confederate Soldier with slouched hat, service uniform and rifle, standing at “parade rest.”


2 thoughts on “Photo Friday – Franklin Confederate Monument

  1. Brian: Thank you for the beautiful photo of the Confederate monument at Franklin, TN.
    Most people get so far back that their whole picture is just buildings.

    Question: May I use this photo in the upcoming book being done by the TN
    Division UDC, “Confederate History
    Compendium of Tennessee?”
    Thank you for a reply.
    Barbara Parsons, Chm.
    Remembrance of 150 Years committee
    TN Division UDC

    • By all means. Please feel free to use the picture. Would you let me know when the book is complete? I’m slowly becoming a Civil War buff and would love to read it.

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