Photo Friday – Osage Orange Tree

Today’s photo is of the osage orange tree in the garden of the Historic Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN.

It’s quite possible that an osage orange tree sitting in the garden just to the north of Carnton Mansion was witness to the 1864 battle between Confederate and Union that resulted in thousands of casualties on both sides. Hundreds of Confederate wounded were taken to the home at Carnton Plantation for medical care. When the house was filled, hundreds more were treated in the yard.

Osage orange trees, with their sharp brambles, were often woven together as hedges to repel animals and intruders before the invention of barbed wire. It was very common to use the tree as a “living fence.”

This extra-large tree was left uncut and soars toward the sky lifting its branches to the elements. The huge trunk seems to be rugged and enduring, possibly fortified with strength to withstand the toughest of weather.


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