Photo Friday – Craighead-Jackson House

The Craighead-Jackson House is a historic two-story, brick house situated at the corner of West Hill Avenue and State Street in downtown Knoxville, TN. The home was constructed by John Craighead in 1818 across the street from the William Blount Mansion.

The Craighead-Jackson is a white brick house consisting of two stories and a basement. The first story consists of a hallway that spans the center of the house from east to west and contains the house’s two main entrances and staircase, with a sitting room on the north side of the house and a parlor on the south side. The second story has two bedrooms, with the south side bedroom being slightly larger than the north side bedroom. The basement has a dining room and a large “unfinished” room. Chimneys are located at both the north and south ends of the house. A small porch graces the door along the front (west) facade of the house, and a larger covered porch is located at the rear of the house. The house’s back porch overlooks the confluence of First Creek and the Tennessee River to the southeast.

Reference Link: Craighead-Jackson House


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