Photo Friday – Fire Station No. 5

By the turn of the century, the population of Mechanicsville had increased greatly, resulting in an increased demand of service facilities. Fire Station No. 5 was built to service the area in 1909. It was built in the Neo-Classical style, which was typical of the period. Its design fulfilled all the functional requirements of an efficient fire station, while accommodating aesthetic requirements of a Neo-Classical exterior. The tower rising from the center of the front facade was designed for quick drying fire hosed. Three brass fire poles allowed for quick descent from the upstairs to the ground floor.

Fire Station No. 5 is now the oldest remaining fire station in the City. It was designed for horse-drawn fire equipment. A fire company at the time comprised of two pieces of equipment, manned by five to seven men and drawn by four horses. Motorized fire equipment appeared in 1917 and Fire Station No. 5 became a center for repair of motorized fire engines for many years. Located at the intersection of Deadrick, Arthur, and McGhee Streets, it is now included in the National Register of Historic Places.


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