My 2010 Goals

For the first time, I have set goals I want to accomplish during this year.  Not many goals, but just a few that I have been trying to accomplish for several years now.  A couple of my goals are time specific.  The others are “simple” lifestyle changes.  Each of them are attainable.

Since I am just putting these on paper, I am working on a way to track my progress.  I hope to blog about the process throughout the year  Especially on goals 1, 2, & 4.  Of course goal 5 may limit how much time I spend blogging, too.

Here is my list of goals:

2010 – A Year for Change

1. Pay off our house
My wife and I have been following Dave Ramsey’s plan since January 2004.  We decided in October 2007 to pay off our house as quickly as possible.  As of now our last payment will be December 2010.

2. Lose weight – Exercise more
I’m not overweight (6′ 3″ – 200+ lbs.), but my family doctor would like me to get back around 190 lbs. by this June.  O.K. I know this shouldn’t be difficult, but it sure seems easier said than done.  However, I’m determined to lose the wait and I am trying to eat better (also easier said than done).  I am also planning on exercising & walking more and would like to walk (not run) a half-marathon in a few years.

3. Watch less TV
I watch way too much TV.  It is the brainless activity after a long day at work.  So, I’ve decided to limit myself to just a few of my “favorite” shows.  There are only six or so shows that I watch regularly anyway.  The rest of it is wasted time.  And, I may exercise more if I am watching less TV.

4. Read more books
This is certainly one of those “good intention” goals that I’ve had for years.  I have bought way too many books that I have never read or started and never finished.  As above, maybe if I watched less TV I could read a few more books.

5. Limit my internet usage
Since I work on a computer for 8 hours a day, I already try to limit my time on the computer at home.  However, I’m planning on limiting the number of RSS feeds I subscribe to, the people I follow on Twitter, and the amount of e-mail I receive.  I’ve even thought about deleting my Facebook account. ???

6. De-clutter our house
My wife and I have already started this process.  However, it may take while.  We are working on one room at a time and going through just about every box and storage container.  This is also one of those hard to stay motivated goals.  I would much rather be watching TV.  Ha!

References: Leo Babauta‘s The Power of LessDan Miller‘s The Power of Goals —


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