Photo Friday – Stone Arch Bridge (Byrd Creek Dam)

Today’s photo is of the Stone Arch Bridge, also known as Byrd Creek Dam, located in the Cumberland Mountain State Park just south of Crossville, TN.

Men of the Civilian Conservation Corps Company 3464 built this unsuspended bridge between 1935 and 1940 for a 30-acre impoundment of Byrd’s Creek. Three thousand five hundred and fifty cubic yards of dirt and rock were excavated and the core, containing 8,000 tons of concrete, is faced with Crab Orchard stone for the 319-foot span. Seven spillways, rising 28 feet above the stream bed, carry the 18-foor roadway approximately 16 feet above water level.

The Mill House Lodge, located near the dam, was originally built to house a gristmill that would serve the Cumberland Homesteaders. A group of local Quakers were brought in to construct the mill, although opposition from local mills— who considered a federally-subsidized mill unfair competition— forced Cumberland Homesteads to nix the project. The mill house had been completed, but the waterwheel and grinding mechanisms were never installed.

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