Book Review: “Beautiful Mess: The Story of Diamond Rio”

I received “Beautiful Mess: The Story of Diamond Rio” as a Thomas Nelson Book Review Blogger. This book is about the country music band Diamond Rio. It tells of the bands rise to country music stardom, downfalls and eventual revival. The book follows all six members of Diamond Rio through their trials and difficulties made it in the music industry, from the Opryland Amusement Park to country music stardom.

“Beautiful Mess” gives you an in-depth look into each member’s experiences by devoting a separate chapter to each member of the band. Each member told his own journey in his own words which felt more like a conversation or panel discussion than just reading a book. The fact that these guys are still together without any member change is practically unheard of but it is a testament of their faith and respect for each other and their music.

Any Diamond Rio fan, country music fan or anyone who just enjoys reading biographies/autobiographies and personal accounts will enjoy this book. “Beautiful Mess” is a very well written book in a personal and easy style that pulls the reader in. You can pick up a copy of “Beautiful Mess” from any book seller or from Thomas Nelson’s web site.


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