Rules to Living the Good Life

Rules to Living the Good Life
by Bryan Dodge

1. The fundamental rule: Be willing to change
I think the word change is unsettling for a lot of people – especially in business – because it’s been used as a code word for things nobody would want to hear. “Changes” in market mean we have to make some “changes” in the organizational structure. Even when the word doesn’t mean the potential loss of a job, it can cause some fear. You hear that you have to change because it’s good for the company, or change for your career, or change because the world is changing.  Here are the six steps to successful change:
a. Commit to the change.
b. Make a “no” list.
c. Create a plan.
d. Ask for help.
e. Execute.
f. Celebrate.

2. Three Key Points: E.A.T.
Eager – What do I mean by that? What have you learned yesterday that you can apply today in order to do things differently tomorrow? These are times that are forcing people to better their business, their habits, and their marketing strategies to position themselves and their companies to catch the next wave. It is easy to know if you are truly open minded or not … it comes down to one word which is found often in children ages 3-5: Why? Why am I doing what I do? Why is it important to change? Why are things happening to me? The key is to always remember this: those that focus on the how always end up working for those that focus on why.

Argue – People don’t shoot down people that are already down, they don’t waste their bullets. They only shoot at people making a difference. The key to success in this recession is to be more thankful for the bullets.

Thankfulness – I’m not talking about how blue the sky is and how green the grass is. I’m talking about the most important thing of all and that is how you live your life. Are you living the good life or are you living an average life? During these difficult times it’s hard for you to hide. The truth, based on the way you live your life, becomes evident, not only to you but to the people depending on you. Good people always appreciate what they have when they have it. Average people only appreciate what they have after they lose it. How much has to be taken away from you until you start living a good life?

3. Bring Energy Home!
The three words that will travel for life: Bring Energy Home! When I say that to an audience, I look in their eyes and see how it touches them personally. When a client, customer, or boss walks up, you have more energy and enthusiasm than you will ever see. But then you go home to your family and say you don’t have anything left for them. That is hypocritical. You give energy to someone who doesn’t even know your name and then can’t give it to the people who give you their lives. If you live by bringing energy home you will thrive during the wave.

4. Forty-Eight Hour Law
A principle that falls into the most powerful part of The Good Life Rules book is the 48-hour Rule: The Truth of Diminishing Intent. You have 48 hours to act on what comes to your heart or your mind or society will distract, derail, and steal it from you. I challenge you to email your goals to me at within 48-hours. I promise to send a gift to every person that does that. The most important part that you have never heard before is the power of the “no” list. It is a list that you make along with goals that consists of the things you are no longer going to do. This is not a New Year’s resolution. It is life changing. Always remember you can’t add on to your goal list until you learn how to subtract from the past. The “no” list helps you add on to your goal list. During these times of change it is what we call a “Wake-up call” to let certain things you’ve done for too long go forever. Send me your goals and your “no” list at and I will send you a gift. You have 48 hours.

This article is an excerpt from Bryan’s book The Good Life Rules: Eight Keys to Being Your Best at Work and Play.  For more information about Bryan visit his website


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