Photo Friday – Loudon Cumberland Presbyterian Church

The Loudon Cumberland Presbyterian Church was established in August 1853. The first church building was located on Town Lot #77 on the corner of Church Street and Grove Street. From 1877 until 1882, the congregation worshipped with the Methodists in the Masonic Hall on Whart Street. On August 2, 1881 Elders T.J. Mason, J.T. Blair, A. Howard, B.F. Hambright, and S.A. Rogers represented the church in the purchase of a lot on the corner of College Avenue and Atlanta Street from Mrs. Mary C. Blair. The present building was erected in 1882 and dedicated, free of debt, the fourth Sunday in July. In 1916 a single story addition was constructed on the back of the church for Sunday School rooms. In 1929 the santuary was remodeled and the memorial stained glass windows installed. In 1939 a second story was added to the back of th church. A donation of land by Mrs. Beula Kollock resulted in the construction of the education building. Phase One was completed in 1960 and Phase Two in 1968.


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