Book review blog – “For The Tought Times”

O.K. I received this book more than a month ago from Thomas Nelson to review. Well, I misplaced it. I just found it this past weekend and have read it. Following is my (belated) review.

Where is hope in the middle of the storms of life? Where is God in the midst of these hard times? Where is God when a loved one dies, a job is lost, or sickness effects your life? Where is God when everything is falling apart? The answers to these question lie in Max Lucado’s book, “For The Tough Times”. This short, easy to read book is full of insight and wisdom to many of the questions we all ask during the tough times. Throughout the book, Max Lucado reminds us who is still in charge of everything going on in this world… God. Overall, this book was an encouragement to not blame God when things go wrong, to find His grace in the storm, and to find peace by forgiving those who have wronged us. The poignant word pictures Lucado paints are stirring and heartening.

This is a great little gift book to give to a friend or loved on who may be going through a difficult situation. I was able to read this book in just one day. The book is only 80 pages long and can be read in an evening or a weekend afternoon. This is one of those books you put on you nightstand or on your office bookshelf to get to when you need a bit of encouragement.


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