Do It Now!

The following was from an e-mail I received last year. Of course, I’ve been putting off posting this so now is a good time to do it.


Most of us have experienced the 8 Phases of Procrastination:

Phase 1: Hopeful – “I’ll start early this time.”

Phase 2: A little tension – “I’ve got to start soon.”

Phase 3: Creeping guilt – “I should have started sooner.”

Phase 4: False reassurance – “There is still time to do it.”

Phase 5: Getting desperate – “What’s wrong with me?”

Phase 6: Intense pain – “I can’t wait any longer!”

Phase 7: Get it over with – “Just get it done!”

Phase 8: Cycle repeats – “Next time, I’ll start earlier.”

Procrastination does tremendous damage to ourselves and others at work. It causes unnecessary pressure and problems … and it wastes opportunities, time, and money.

The problem is: procrastination is addicting! The more you succumb to it, the harder it is to change. It becomes a way of life, causing you a lot of misery.

The Bible says, “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done” (Ecclesiastes 11:4 NLT).

· Stop making excuses!

· Realize perfectionism paralyzes performance!

· Face your fears!

· Focus on the gain, not the pain!


What have you been putting off that you know you need to do? … something at work … at home … at church? DO IT NOW!


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