Three is Enough

If you are tired of the usual small group study at church, here is a new approach to small groups and accountability groups. I am in the process of starting a TiE group at our church and will try to share more as it gets underway.

Three is Enough

God’s purpose for us is that we become his cooperative friends and serve others in our everyday lives.

Three is Enough (TiE) provides an imagination and structure for prayerfully paying attention to the Spirit, the people, and the events of our life.

TiE is a simple way to practice following God in the way of Jesus. The focus is on God, others and our own personal spiritual transformation.

Three is Enough is three friends who decide to pray, study and serve together – three nurses, three bankers, three cops, or three firemen.

Functioning in natural places of community – the workplace, school, or coffee shop, Three Is Enough Groups go on a Journey Inward of spiritual transformation and a Journey Outward of serving others.


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