“What In the World Is Going On?” book review

"What In the World Is Going On?"David Jeremiah’s book, “What In the World Is Going On?” is a true revelation of the coming end days and return of Jesus. The book is very informative and relative to the current world events. The Biblical references fall true to past events and are very accurate foreshadows to occurring events. This is a great book of prophecy and would be perfect as a small group study or discipleship class. I have read numerous articles written by David Jeremiah, but this is the first book I have read written by him.

The book is a little over 257 pages long and includes many references. I found the chapters “The Crude Awakening”, “Vanished Without a Trace”, and “When One Man Rules the World”, and “Arming for Armageddon” especially interesting. It is an easy read, but may take a bit longer if you spend time following his references. I would suggest taking plenty of time to read the book and envisioning the big picture. This is the first “prophecy” book that I have read and it was truly an eye-opener

If you enjoyed reading any of the books in the Left Behind series or books written by Joel C. Rosenberg, you will certainly love reading “What In the World Is Going On?”

Here is more information about the book and a link to order a copy:
“What In the World Is Going On?” – Dr. David Jeremiah


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