Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas gifts don’t have to leave you in debt

Did the quickly approaching Christmas season sneak up on you? Have you just learned that you should have been saving for Christmas gifts year round? Did you simply forget to budget for Christmas gifts this year?

If you’re feeling torn this year because you want to stay out of debt while still giving your loved ones gifts they’ll like, don’t worry. We’ve got some fantastic creative Christmas gift ideas for you:

  • Compile a themed gift box. For example, if you know a family who enjoys watching movies together, get them a movie or 2 (or a rental gift card), bags of popcorn, favorite candy bars or a homemade dessert, and some little things related to the movie. It will be something they can enjoy together—and maybe even invite you to join!
  • Frame artwork and memories. If you have youngsters in your family, get some of their artwork and nicely frame it for the adults. They’ll get excited about seeing their creations on display, and the artwork will be a nice reminder of them when they’re not around.
  • Host a dinner party and provide your guests the recipes in a festive booklet. You could also incorporate a white-elephant gift exchange with a price limit per gift into the evening. Everyone will have a great time and remember it for years to come.
  • Offer to run errands for an elderly relative, neighbor or friend. This will mean more to this person than you know, especially for the elderly. Better yet, ask them if you can pick up any Christmas gifts on their behalf. They would love to have someone brave the busy mall for them.
  • Give free babysitting. Know a couple or a single parent who could use an extra hand with the kids during the holidays? Offer to keep the kids one evening and let the parents get some shopping done or have a date night.
  • Bake some tasty treats. If you know someone who’s expecting a lot of company or is feeling overwhelmed, offer to help out by baking a few things. This will save the person so much time and will allow them to focus on other things to get ready for company. Homemade food is always a hit!
  • Visit a shut-in, hospital patient or nursing home resident. Many times these individuals are over-looked during the holiday rush. Bake some cookies, frame some pictures, or write some notes to give when you drop by for a visit with some of your family or friends.
  • Help a local school teacher with a special Christmas event for their class. Teachers are overwhelmed this time of year and having an extra adult around to help out would ease some of the stress for them.
  • Give to a charity. If the adults in your family can agree, choose a charity to which your entire family will give money and/or time. Rather than giving gifts to each other, you’ll be touching the lives of people who are truly in need while spending time with your loved ones at the same time. It’s a win-win situation!

Creative Christmas gifts don’t have to leave you looking like a cheapo. Remember, it’s the thought and effort that really count. Think of your skills and how you can incorporate them into gifts others will enjoy. Why not take a little extra time to think about your family and friends and give them something that will inspire and enrich their lives for years to come.

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