Carmichael Inn Cafe and Hunter’s Bakery & Cafe

The Carmichael Inn Cafe and Hunter’s Bakery & Cafe are two great local cafes in Loudon and Sweetwater, respectively.  My wife and have eaten at both on several occasions and love the local diner atmosphere.  If you are ever in the Loudon or Monroe County area and want something other than a chain restaurant meal, I highly recommend either of these cafes.

The Carmichael Inn Cafe is located in the historic, restored Carmichael Inn.  Restaurant Chef Gregory Gross has developed an amazing menu of soups, salads, sandwiches, and now offers burgers, pasta, and plenty of daily specials.  The Carmichael Inn is a two-story log structure, circa 1810, that was once a stopping place for stagecoaches en route from Knoxville, Nashville, and Chattanooga.  Built by John Hudson Carmichael (1780–1840) as his family residence, the home also was a welcome stop for many travelers who stayed as boarders.  The Carmichaels ran a ferry and stagecoach operation, and travelers were ferried across the nearby river to spend the night at the Carmichael home and then to continue their journey by the next stagecoach.

Jack and Maria Cox opened the doors of Hunter’s in October 2002 after renovating the Scruggs Building in the heart of Sweetwater’s Antiques District.  The building was built in 1914 and played host to many businesses over the years.  After about six months of renovations, which included removing partitions and a dropped ceiling, the couple chose a classic forest green and maroon pain scheme to compliment the hunting themed decor.  Hunter’s Cafe offers both lunch and dinner menus consisting of steak, seafood, soup and salads, along with a delicious menu of baked goods, including cakes and pies, rolls and croissants, Danishes and breads, wedding and party cakes, pastries, cookies and more.  They even have low fat and diet items.


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