Stormpulse, FuelClinic

Here are two great web sites I’ve discovered in the past few days:

Stormpulse is a great site for those of us who are interested in not just the storm-making headlines but also the two or three tropical events that are likely to follow.  Behind a sleek and attractive interactive map is a wealth of information about not just active tropical storms, but historical ones as well.  The first thing you’ll notice at Stormpulse is a rich map of the Atlantic basin that features more storms that you’ve likely heard about on the evening news. has a suite of tools that you can use to accurately calculate and track your own fuel mileage (as MPG-US, L/100km, or MPG-UK) and see your actual and projected fuel costs, understand your usage, and practice real-world “exercises” or “clinics” that can help you improve fuel efficiency and decrease your fuel consumption.


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